87 Stock Convertor Stall ?

stock is 2050 .you can use a 2400 with a stock turbo for improved performance without affecting driveability.check out out convertor page for the 2004r at the url below if you would like more info.
Chris, thanks for the info the 24RCSS2(D5): 12"STREET AND STRIP "D5" CONVERTER looks really sweet,

How will it work with a stock turbo with a future upgrade to a TA49.

I'm looking to upgrade the turbo later (June '04) ,but would like the convertor now with stock turbo.

our chinatown here is huge .probably about 40 blocks big.how about your way?im, going to indianappolis and want to come to chicago on the way.im leaving wednesday eve.any suggestions.?want to go to greek town.driving the gn too.
I'm originally from Long Island. The Chinatown Chicago is tiny compared to Chinatown NY.

Greektown Chicago has really good food! I highly recommend Athena's or Santorini's resturant.

The Greektown strip is on Halsted Ave, when you drive on it look east and you get a picture perfect view of Sears Tower.

Should be a really good time for you!

I will be flying to NY during Xmas to visit my parents, I may stop by your place to pick up the converter , does it need to be special ordered or are they readily available?