87 t & 87 gn


May 11, 2004
I am selling these cars together. The 87 T was purchased about 2 months ago and can be seen in this thread. The car looks just like it does in the last set of pics in this thread.

The interior is a solid 9 of 10. The paint is worse than shown in the pictures. The hood is badly checked, and the deck lid and roof are faded to matte appearing finish. The bumper fillers are all but gone. The body has 1 small dent in the fender where someone door dinged me, other than that it is perfect. 99.9% rust free, 1 small surface rust spot on the panel between the rear windshield and the deck lid.

The GN is a parts car. It is almost completely disassembled. It could be put back on the road, but would require a lot of work. It has an S&W 10pt cage installed. Every part is there for this car minus the hood.

It has a built short block including
30 Over stock block and 10/10 stock crank, stock rods, arp rod bolts, main studs and head studs are included.
Block has 2 steel center caps and an RJC girlde w/ scraper installed.
TRW Pistons.

The transmission has less than 1000 miles on it. It was rebuilt using a stage 2 rebuild kit form CK performance. It also has a blueprinted front pump from CK.

Also included is a good te45-a turbo with the smaller exhaust housing, and a set of American Racing Trackstars (street versions) front runners with brand new tires.

I am getting out of Turbo Buicks for a while. I want someone to come and take everything I have. I have lots of extra parts that i'm sure i'm forgetting. I will try to post pictures of everything tomorrow. I am playing Mr Mom so finding time to shoot pictures is getting harder. There are pics of the T in the link above. It is exactly as described above.

I am asking $9000 for everything.
Call Mike @ (405)317-9775 or pm or email for more details.
I remember seeing this car for sale before...Sweet car man...Wish i had the cash.. These cars are going cheap!!! GLWS
Yeah there is just no market for them right now. Pics are coming tonight I hope. I have to pull the GN out of the garage to get some shots of it.
Some Pics if the Silver Car


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More Pics.


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You can see just a slight amount of surface rust on the bottom of the doors. Underneath and in the wheel wells there is virtually none.


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