87 T-Type Buick Central CA


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This car is built with huge Turbo, Built Motor, Trans, Rear end etc... Tons of money in this car over $15k O-ringed heads rods Alcohol injection kit and tons more. . The tranny was around $3k alone. from Performance Transmission Services A fast car in a ugly shell. Not currently registered.
New $1200 Rear end new Eaton posi 3:42 8.5 Factory GN gears bearings axles.
Performance tranny ~ built by Bruce
Stock Converter
Balanced ARP rod main and stud head bolts forged pistons aftermarket rings .30 over bore. Mild RV cam
Ported o-ringed heads for lock wire head gaskets. Stainless swirl polished 1 piece valves from Manley 194-150 Aftermarket valve springs Stock rockers double roller timing chain high volume oil pump. Big injectors 36-38? Adjustable aftermarket fuel pressure regulator. Applied technologies 3” down pipe
T34? Ball bearing turbo
Alcohol kit RFL blow off valve
New cat and exhaust
Hot wire kit for the fuel pump
MSD rev limiter
High low boost controller
Eibach springs and Koni shocks
Factory Silver blackout package car No chrome.
OEM turbo Buick wheels
Fuel pressure gauge
Applied technologies pit-bull chip
Throttle body hot water ports plugged off
Turbo charge pipe hoses and clamps

Located in Central CA between Sacramento and Tahoe.
$4600 obo or trade for cash plus ??


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Hmm, what kind of reciepts/paperwork do you have for the engine build? What about the trans/rear end? How many passes/miles on this set up? Does it start/run?
I can give you the number to the machine shop that built the motor and rear end. My friend that built it passed away years ago and I am not doing anything with the car now. Miles I would guess less than 10k on the high side it is a runner driver I terrorize the neighborhood and scare my friends with rides every few weeks.
Last time I went to Sac over a weekend to look at a car, I came back with 2, one on the dolly and one driving home 'for the wifey'. Maybe I should look around on Craigslist in the next few days before the trip. Can I store something that may follow me home at your place;)?

I live in a condo and have no garage space. If it looks decent and runs I may be able to store it in our parking lot. Just have to move it every few days
Yeah, like anyone in OC has much parking space:redface: WHen I went house hunting 12 years ago, I fell in love with the house in Mission Viejo that just happens to have 5 spaces out front and a 3 car driveway:cool: The Wifey frowns on long term storage there so that's why I have this...


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