87 T-Type grey console and front bucket seats.


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Jan 5, 2003
Console is complete with shift indicator and indicator light, and fairly new Kirban console applique kit. Good driver quality with some minor stains and a small piece that appears to be cracked off at the bottom on the right side (didn't notice it until removed from the car). I had cup holders attached, so I left them on. $75 + shipping.

Passenger seat is excellent with a couple abrasions on the seat base front near the bottom. Driver seat base has tears and the foam is starting to collapse on the right side, but the seat back is in very good condition. Seat bases are interchangeable, so if you want a good driver's seat then I can make one with the driver back and the passenger base (there will be a couple of open bolt holes on the console side at the bottom, really hard to see). Tracks not included. Will sell the pair or separate. $50 + shipping.

Keith --> kobrous@earthlink.net


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Shipping dimensions per seat will be 36x24x14 and 35 lbs. and my zip code is 77479, just in case anyone else wants to know. In your case that comes out to $37 via UPS and $30 via FedEx.

While I am at it, the console shipping dimensions will be 42x12x12 with a weight of 12 lbs.
Console and passenger seat already sold. Driver seat going in the trash Friday if nobody wants it.