87 Turbo T Grey/grey with blackout, 11 sec recipe


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Dec 31, 2002
I first purchased this 87 T in 2000. I don't drive it much anymore and never really got into the track scene.

1987 Turbo T, ~94,xxx on car, ~15,xxx on engine, and about 500 on the transmission. Standard 11 second recipe: blue tops, scanmaster, bigger throttle body and plenum, tinman intake, TA49 with ceramic ball bearings, inlet bell, TH 3" ss downpipe, larger stock location intercooler, race cat and dump pipe, extra body bushings and cross braces, boxed control arms, pinion snubber, walbro pump, Auburn posi and moser axles, American Racing "coke bottle" rims, Cooper tires... Basically, if it was an upgrade and I could bolt it on, I did :)

The paint isn't the best (resprayed a few years ago and I wasn't happy with it and it has a few chips.) There's some surface rust forming (why I wasn't happy with the prep on the paint) and one spot in the trunk weatherstripping "trough" that's gone thru :( The drivers seatbelt cover (on the male locking part) fell off and I don't know where it went and one corner on the sunvisor is broken, so it just dangles. There's not much wrong with this car to be show quality and the few shows I've gone to, worst was a second place.

I'd like $12,150 for her as is and I'd have no worries driving it across country. Thanks


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I can be reached here (I troll more than post) or by email: bamzfam@msn.com

I am located in Spokane, Washington and would help with transport. I can get more photos. The trans was rebuilt with complete billet internals and a badass deep pan. JVC Kameleon deck with remote. Heater works, ac works, and the ashtray has a switch panel installed. And I have lots of extras: trim, emblems, stock parts, and other hot picks from yesteryear, lol ATR, Bowling Green, etc. Thanks


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wow great price and nice looking ride. this should sale quick