'87 Turbo T - Wanted

Just sent you a PM, I am pretty sure I'm north of your intended price range. Dave
May not meet your needs!

I am up the air with this car and a house for next year so Im not sure of my plans yet but here is an option MABEY :confused:


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Well I do like that your fairly close to me. What color was the car? What else can you tell me about it?

Its an 87 turbo T ex- CN state trooper TR. The car has 132K miles on it. The car was black with grey interior. now its LUXO blue with GN seats and Grey carpet. The car has digital dash and NO 85mph limit. Car was a factory radio delet but I have installed a radio in it. Engine is original and has great oil pressure, It has been modded pretty extensevilly, rjc power plate,TE-61 turbo, THDP 3", Strech IC, 40# Inj., ADFPR, custom chips,Hooker exhaust w/ magnaflow's, Fully built tranny w/hardend parts and transbrake, Rebuilt rear end w/ UMI Tubular arms, ATR sway bar rear, air bags, 15x7 and 15x8 ar wheels and new tires, a select assortment of guages, some chrome under the hood like heat sheild, IC pipe, polished valve covers, and fuel reg. The car runs great and is very very strong, the tranny shifts nice and firm and was just gone through, the cars exterior is pretty nice and does have some flaws, the interior is OK seats are well broken in but gave the car a nice touch inside. Like I said Im not sure yet whats going down but Everything has a price tag on it.


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