'89 Saleen Convertible Supercharged #332


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I have an '89 Saleen Convertible for sale. Black paint, gray interior and black top with Saleen light bar. Currently has 123,000 miles and has no mechanical issues what so ever.

The motor is all stock except the Vortech blower and Bassani headers. I recently dynod the car at 300HP and 334tq at the wheels on pump gas. This car is very zippy and I hate to see it go but with 6 cars, john deere tracker and a motor cycle this one has to go.

The factory flofit seats are in good condition. The driver side bolster is starting to wear thin. Top is in good condition with no rips or tears. Overall this is a good clean driver. The front has some rock chips in the paint and the windsheild has a bullseye in the center.

Currently I have some pretty rare 17" speedline Saleen rims that were not available until '93. I have a new dash plaque from Saleen that has not been installed. This car runs strong and is a blast to drive with the top down. Always getting attention.

I have several parts that go with the car including a center console with working ash tray. New(er) headlights and tail lights have been installed. I have a set of 42lbs injectors and bigger fuel rail to dump the FMU that also go with the car.

I live in Keller, TX and I'm asking $10.5

email me at soundersmom@yahoo.com

Thanks for your intrest and happy holidays.