9/11/01...Where were you?


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Mar 25, 2005
Was working on a local hospital expansion project in R.I., finishing up coffee break having a smoke outside when the president of the hospital pulled up and approached us saying there are planes flying into the world trade center, I didn't even know what the WTC was at the time but did recall just a few days prior to that on my way home from spectating at the gn vs mustang event in Englishtown, N.J. these two massive buildings that dwarfed everything around them, kept looking back at them in amazement, just like that they were gone.
Been watching various documentries on the topic lately, not sure if I quite buy into a conspiracy theory but WTC #7 collapsing down at free fall speed after burning for seven hours makes me wonder..
All I know is people suffered badly on that day & things have been off since..
Hope this day heals more than hurts those of you directly affected.
Still have the t-shirt


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I was sleeping (graveyard shift) when a friend called after the first plane hit. Jumped out of bed just in time to see the second plane hit...I broke down and got mad as hell all at once! Even now just thinking about it gets me all emotional.
Was in NYC the day before. On 9/11, I was in a meeting in North Jersey about 10 miles away when it happened. It was surreal.
Back in our office, I sat down the hall from Todd Beamer, the man on Flight 93 in PA who said "let's roll." My company also lost several people who were working on an IT project in the Towers.

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Driving to my new job that I had started just a few days prior.

Searches began on the 12th, even after I had previously passed all my security checks. On the 13th, the mysterious white vans appeared in the parking lot, staged at the entrance by the security shack. Don't know what was inside the vans.
Sleeping...working nights. Fell asleep that morning with the tv on. I remember hearing it and waking up. Once I realized what happened I there's no way I was going back to sleep.
I called in sick from work that morning. I put on the news and saw it all unfold. I was also surfing turbobuick.com having a conversation with members. I remember going into work the next day on the 7 train and all you saw was a cloud of smoke coming from Manhattan.

911 never forget
I was in Vegas for a NHRA event at the Strip which is adjacent to Nellis Air Force base, and fighter planes were in and out all day.

It still pisses me off that the Muslims around the world celebrate this tragedy, and they still threaten us with more, while the POS political rulers now bring them into our country by the thousands? :mad:
Timely topic.......

I was traveling with Pete Serio the original window rattle guy and had picked up in Tennessee a WE4 that had won at the GS Nationals. We were listening to CDs and di not have the radio on....I remember passing a major airport can't member which one and noticed it was packed with planes and remarked to Pete that is weird all the aircraft sitting on the ground.

We stopped at noon at an Applebes and of course all the TVs where on showing all the happenings from that morning....it was eerie....later that day driving thru western PA I can remember seeing more state troopers than I ever seen before on the stretch of the turnpike near Pittsburgh....

The memory for our generation is probably like the memory of Pearl Harbor was for the older generation that is sadly dying every day.


I can remember months later driving along many interstates int he NE seeing American Flags hanging off the overpass bridges and various notes......
I was sitting in one of my college IT classes in Dayton Ohio. My favorite IT teacher walks in, as white as a ghost and I'll never forget his face. He could barely speak to us, they then wheeled a TV into the classroom since the internet barely functioned after the first plane hit... people were really HAMMERING the connection, I remember CNN's webpage being changed to a blank white webpage that said something about bandwidth problems and to try back later. We watched the second plane hit and then we all left for home.

The drive home was 60 miles one way up I-75, I remember every minute of it. I was able to pick up a radio station that broadcasted out of Ft.Wayne Indiana(120miles away), literally as clear as day. And I remember only seeing 2-3 cars still on the interstate for the entire 60 mile stretch.

I've visited the Tower site twice in the last 15 years, once in 2006 and once in 2011. Here is a couple of pictures of progress. I couldn't find my 2006 construction pictures.

Never forget!

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Wow. Out here in Cali they never show progress of construction. Didn't know it until today.

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I was with President Bush in Florida. We flew from there to Barksdale AFB then to Offutt AFB and flew around the pentagon before landing at Andrews.
Ahh, finally found someone who has one of those FBI GNXs. [emoji41]

May I ask what you job was on that day?

Sorry, and to not make light of the events, what was the atmosphere like amongst the group?

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i was sick with mono and sleeping on the couch. i woke up hearing about a plane hitting tower one. thinking it was a dream then was 3/4 awake when tower 2 hit. I'm in nyc and that day was crazy. it was eerily silent. bars were crowded but quiet. that day definitely changed me. not of good either..
Ahh, finally found someone who has one of those FBI GNXs. [emoji41]

May I ask what you job was on that day?

Sorry, and to not make light of the events, what was the atmosphere like amongst the group?

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I was one of the 12 Security forces members assigned to Air Force One, I was hired in 1999 and flew with President Clinton and then with President Bush until 2007, I left to take a job at the White House and retired from active duty in 2009. We removed more than half the staff from the plane at Barksdale we went to Offutt due to communications issues with so many calls coming into and out of the aircraft. It was a very somber on the AC, and we had fighter escorts every where we went. In the photo im on the right side short white dud
I was at work. Our manager shut our 4 lines down and we watched the news for 2 hours. Sad day.
I was at Sun Microsystems in Menlo Park, CA. I was one of the first in and some guy comes running down the hall, sees my light on and comes in and yells/asks if I have a tv because world war 3 just started. The gym, building 12 I think, had a big screen tv, which was still kinda rare back then and we watched a bit then. My manager lived in New Jersey and would fly out to the Bay Area once or twice a month, often taking flight 93. She had an early meeting that morning so took the flight before 93. The meeting gets canceled and she had thought about taking the later flight (93), but decided to keep her flight anyway - saved her life.
Was getting ready for work.....got a phone call from my buddy working at the Pentagon...told me the building shook, big boom, evacuating......very, very strong jet fuel smell........to call his wife for him.

My parent's house is about 1 1/2 miles from the Pentagon....my brother was out on their steps smoking, looked up at this passenger jet flying real low, real loud, then disappeared over some trees..... when he heard a loud boom, then the shock wave bowled over the tree tops in their yard! The ground shook just slightly.

Went to the Pentagon two days later and took a lot of pictures. The smell of aircraft fuel, burning stuff and the smell of burning bodies were still permeating the air.....made my hair stand on end.......I shed quite a few tears.......my fiance and I were very, very, very angry at those cowards and all they stood for......and we still are.

Later, my Pentagon buddy said his office was 100 yards from the point of impact....one lucky man he was....

Later next month, we went to the Pentagon to witness a funeral for a guy killed in the Pentagon...he lost an arm in the Vietnam war after being shot down piloting a B52 bomber.....his office was at the impact point at the Pentagon.....as his casket was sitting a little ways from the Pentagon in Arlington Cemetery, we watched as a huge B52 bomber took off from Andrews Air Base miles away, then took a while to reach the Pentagon.....it then lowered to about 800 feet, flew right over where his office was, then his casket, tipped it's wings in salute, then floored it.....loudest roar ever.....not a dry eye there....will never forget that, either. His wife arranged all of that for him....what a loving wife she was......just amazing. You had to see it to believe it....I was never so proud of our country then. I still tear up just thinking about it.

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