9" rear opinion. Where to get one?

Seems like you're building a good rearend with basic parts. That 9 is way over kill for you. If you're building a 9 , 33 spline min as well as 1/2 studs minimum.

From what your selecting you should have just built the 8.5

No turning back now right?

What's your goals with the car

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There is always way to turn back. I’d rather pay once and not worry about c clips or leaking c clip eliminators or anything else. Plus I would have to put money into upgrading my 8.5”, so why not do it once and do it right.

Listening to your advice, going with 35 spline and 1/2” studs
Another question, what brake lines do I use? I have a brake lines kit, but is the 9” same as GN 8.5?

What car would I search for?

I ordered the brake line kit with my 9" from Q- Perfomance