95/96 up camaro trans etc


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Feb 13, 2006
I have a 78 datsun 280z that I am looking at getting rid of the modded l28 and trans i have in there now for many reasons not needed to be discussed.

I had some quick questions on the buick v6. The series ii engine in the Camaro with the 5spd; what 5 speed is that and other than the firebird did they put that trans in anything else? Also will the m90 blower fit on the motor with little modification? Will the fwd sc motor fit to that transmission or is the bell-housing different? I want a manual- road race car. Looking for about 350hp at the crank.
So all of them have the same basic bolt pattern its the heads intake and everything else that is different. Which one has best factory internals?

Also still can't find what trans that is in the camaro (the 5spd) is that a wct5?
It's a T5. You might want to go to one of the Camaro forums and so a little searching. They would be more informed on what is in it and how much it would handle.
There's lots of Info on the T5 on Hotrodders.com forum also. The V6 T5 is very weak, the WCT5 is slightly stronger. Don't use the T5 behind anything with traction or more than stock HP/TQ. They came behind 305 engines.

4-6cyl. - T5- 175 ft.lbs. TQ.
V8 - T5 - about 265 ft./lbs. TQ, WCT5 used stronger tapered bearings but, the retainer is still weak.
T56 - 450 ft./lbs.

ThirdGen.org has good Info.
Manual Trans Info>> Five-Speed Manuals- Car Craft Magazine
so does that the l67 fit to all t5 trans or does that have a special bellhousing just for the l67?