All of my trucks are paid off, Buick don't make me do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Apr 30, 2005
This is my plea to BUICK and the GM dept. heads, I bought a 2004 GMC Denali after I found out that the Camaro/Trans Am production stopped on me and I couldn't get a brand new one, I bought a 2007 2500HD after I was price gouged to death (huge dealer markup) looking at a new 6.0 GTO. I bought a 2015 Escalade because I am still not feeling the urge to buy a new Camaro yet, altho the Z28 is really really nice. I don't want or need to buy another truck for a very long time, I just want to flip thru the catalog at the options to put or delete on my brand new "any color as long as you want black " GN. Buick give my wallet a break from owning low mpg vehicles burning low octane gas and give me the chance to burn as much gas as I possibly can, putting my foot thru the floorboard ripping Mustangs, Hellcats and any other animal or insect named cars on the streets.

PS. not to put any pressure on the Engineering dept. but in the design dept keep it 2 doors, enough space in the engine compartment for my socket to hit the ground if I drop it ( mechanics will understand)," I" personally want to work on my car , delete plastic engine cover thingy's, the engine doesn't have to have the highest advertised horsepower rating of any GM car ever built, we've done pretty well with our 245hp/355ftlb ratings since 87. For smog and legal purposes you can state for the record that it makes 350hp ( the public does not have to know that's at 1900 rpm), you are still telling the truth, it does make 350hp. Almost forgot, skip the 4 cylinder trend, unless it is twin turbo and makes 800hp and you are showing off your technological advances in cylinder head, cam and turbo designs. I wont ever have a "check out my 4 cylinder Eco" conversation with anyone. Don't make it look like an egg rolling down the road with all round corners and it doesn't have to look like a stealth fighter jet ( Caddy CTS) either. Keep the dual color interior theme, I like that a lot, but keep the all black leather on the options checklist. If it will decrease the price any you can lower my warranty to 2 yr's 24000 miles, heck knock off 5 grand and I might waive my warranty rights. Last but not least keep the price within a working man's reach, I didn't say cheap, but keep it within reason. We have been helping our significant others and supportive wives payoff their cute and micro cars ,mini vans, Jeep Liberty's and buying our daughter's Mazda 3's, Beetles and Accords, yada yada yada ( you know where I am going with this) and its time to reward ourselves once again while we still have a few good years left to slide under our cars sitting on jack stands. Really last thing, honestly I want to be able to fit Corvette size wheels on the rear, width that is, I am going to need some traction.

GM I know you can hear me but do you HEAR me!!!!!!!!!!
How are you going to ask GM to keep the price within a working man's reach but tell us you purchased a 2015 Escalade? Those things are not within reach unless your reach is VERY long.

AS for a new TR. I kinda wish one would come out and then I don't. You know they won't do it old school. You know it will be poorly designed "style wise" and will be loaded with a bunch of electronic crap we don't want or need.

For car companies anymore it's about appealing to the mass audience and making the most money. There are no more "car guys" at car companies. No one has the passion or vision to build something truly wonderful anymore. It's all crap! All the cars look and feel the same.

High horsepower is great but it costs $70K + then it's not within the realm of reason. I'd rather save some cash and retire early than to mortgage myself to the hilt for a car. (That's just stupid IMO)

I'm staring to think I'd rather that GM not ruin the legacy of the TR like Dodge ruined the Charger or GM ruined the GTO.
Just my .02
It is very close to Xmas and I have been good this year and my birthday just passed! I got to have HOPE!
That is my only fear , if GM fudges it up. I dont have a desire to by any other GM products other than my trucks, and I agree 100% that it would have been better to rename those vehicles than to try to make sales off of past legacies. The car guys are what drives the interest, take a plain S10 and out comes a Syclone, and a little Blazer becomes a Typhoon. Those were the good old days for horsepower nuts maybe not so good for corporate sales.
there are still plenty of car guys at GM - look at the Vette and the Camaro zl-1 or z-28 for example. and im sure GM is listening but maybe peoples expectations are somewhat unrealistic. If you are asking for a Halo car then you will pay Halo car prices. The vette and v series cars will fetch prices that justify GM building them , if you want a cts v youre going to pay north of 80k for it. Also when our cars came out they were electronic laden v-6s in the land of v-8's , thats what made our cars unique. so if GM choose a high tech turbo 4 i cant see anything wrong with that.
Also repeat after me - NO car will beat the corvette made by GM , so just dont waste your time asking for it.
I said that I would accept a high tech 4 under certain conditions. Everyone is correct about the market and conditions that GM would have to debut a new GN in. If I had to take a guess , the starting price would have to be low 40's and that would be only if they didn't have to engineer everything and could pull a few items off the shelf. Oddly enough my Mustang buddies showed me some of the pictures of the new GN ( the ones floating on the internet) and asked me what was going to be the one that GM picked. There guess is as good as mine.
I think low 40's would be really pushing it - take the ats v sport for example - rwd coupe with a turbo v-6. and their price point is about 66k. now a buick would not need some of the caddy tech in it but still with the new sheet metal and interior at 250 million you can see they would have a hard time moving that msrp down too much. even a 16 alpha based Camaro ss is low 50's without adding the money to make it a buick, and when all is said and done you cant hang with mpst of the performance cars gm makes - much less make them quake in their boots