A body spindles on G body


Black Sheep
Mar 25, 2003
Last year i bought lowering spindles. I just purchased a kit with all the tierods. I found that the tierods dont fit the center link or i have them backwards and it doesnt fit the spindle. Could be they sold me the wrong center link. The upper and lower ball joint on the control arms appear and feel to be seated properly. I think they may have sold me a A body spindle and not a g body. The brake rotors, wheel bearings and calipers fit but im not sure where the problem is. Any suggestions and are these spindles interchangeable?
Never dealt with an A-Body spindle, but the A-Body was all imperial. the G and B's were metric.

So if it's an A-body spindle, it likely wouldn't fit right anywhere and the geometry will be wrong. Or they sent you the wrong tie rod kit.
All my old rusted moog parts fit. These are a different manufacturer. I also use to have 72 camaro spindles. I forgot what steering parts were my old rusted ones. Ugh.
Could anyone please verify these measurements?
They appear to be g body spindles from all the pictures i have seen online. My center links match up on the new kit i bought compared to my old. However one of the tierods dont fit at all.