A/C woes.


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Jan 15, 2004
Installed a new compressor:
Filled w/ 134a and PAG oil low side is 60psi (@ 95* + F).
Ran fine for 15 minutes, started blowing warm, pulled over and clutch wasnt engaged; now clutch will not work unless jumped w 12 V.
Fuse is good. Wiring in nice shape.
I put in a new relay, and low pressure switch.
Still won't work. :confused:
A few questions for you. First 60 psi on the low with the A/C running is way too high. Did you evacuate the system (pull a vacuum before charging the system) ? Lastly , If your A/C clutch will go on with a jumper to the LPCO but not work when plugged in then only two thigs can be wrong. 1. the switch is bad or 2. You have a leak and lost the gas. put some gages on and let me know. Do this test. Turn the A/C on Put a jumper on the two slots on the socket plugged in to the low pressure cut out. If the compressor runs then Ypu have a leak or that cut out is bad.
Turned out to be the relay:rant: they kept going bad. I brought the compressor back and got a new one instead of reman did the whole thing over again.
We'll see how it holds up.
So far its working.