A cruise night at the Jimmy Cone...


Jun 16, 2001
Hey hang10, SPOOLED UP, Mike Z, qwikv6, my cars out now(it came out on wednesday), so lets setup up a night for the Jimmy Cone. Preferably somtime later this week or next weekend. Just post up some ideas, when you guys wanna meet up.
Hey Jason,
I'm not quite ready yet, still have to get inspection done on the GN (should have been done a month ago, just too busy at work, got lazy). Might be able to make it later in the week...
Still got plenty going on, my TTA should be here by Wednesday of next week, kinda excited!:D

hey mike congrats on getting a TTA. Just let me know when all of you's are ready to go, any night is fine with me.
Ha IronEagle,
I'm changing my coil system to a type II system this week
and Thursday planning to install a shift kit and TCC selinoid.
I should be ready for Friday or Saturday night as long as the
weather cooperates. Keep in touch!

hey spooled, I'm supposed to work both of those nights, but if i want to get off on one of those days, all i have to do it ask, what time did you want to meet up out there, let me know, so i can tell work what time i need to gbe off at.
I'd like to head up there also sometime this spring/summer. I'm not ready just yet but I'll be ready to go in a little while. Still ironing out the new mods.
Originally posted by Mike Z
Nice TTA, Rob!
Thanks. When is yours coming?

Originally posted by IronEagle119
ya Rob, anytime you wanna head out there and cruise i'm up for it.
I'm hoping to make it this year. I didn't have too much of a chance last year with work and other stuff. Looking forward to showing up and meeting everybody.
When's the TTA coming

Good question, Rob. The transport company I used was supposed to have it picked up on Saturday, March 16th. Driver doesn't show up, no phone calls, etc. Call the transport company several times Saturday, then Monday. Supposed to be calling current owner for pickup on Monday, no call. Told that Tuesday is the day for sure. They call the current owner, then tell him they'll call him back to firm up time, then never call back. Nothing new today, except that they advised me they are searching for a new subcontractor to haul it. Ready to shoot someone.
Ok, so it never happened that weekend, what about this weekend or next. Just reply to this, and lets see whats goingg on.
Next weekend would work fine. Gotta get the GN back together, and the TTA inspected. Might have to drive the truck, but I can be there.
First official night for Jimmy Cone is Saturday, should be a good turnout if the weather is nice. Everyone want to meet at 8:00?
Great, I'll be there, but I probably won't be able to be out there by 8:00, i'll prolly roll out there around 10:00 after traveling time etc. I have to work that night, but I'll get out early to head up there. Also, I have a few buddies that want to come that don't drive GN's. One is a 95' Camaro guy, but the other is a 00' Civic Si, no rice and both of em like GN's. Mind if they come along also, just figured i'd ask, before caravaning out there.
i dunno if i'll be out there 2nite or not, depends on the weather. but if i do head out where are you usually, i have never been out there, and would be hard to find a needle in a haystack. i'll check back on the board before i had out there later.
General consensus is that a warmer day would be better, let's all keep in touch.