August Meet at the kirkwood (DE) highway cruise 8/10/2019

Mark T-TB

car crazy from birth
Apr 6, 2009
Southern NJ
I copied this from the MAGNA facebook page, hoping to help keep the "non-facebookers" informed:
"Hey kids PLENTY of notice for next month's MAGNA meet! It will most likely be at the Kirkwood Highway cruise. Our DE reps are currently hard at work sorting out the details for the club! Mark the date NOW! This is a really unique cruise event to experience. Shows up and down the strips and cars crusing up and down the strip all afternoon/evening. People in lawn chairs up and down the strip sitting on the lawns watching the car cruise up and down. Lots of food and ice cream along the way but mark down the date and keep watching ... here for details! "

MAGNA has historically met somewhere for lunch and then hit the Highway from there.... hopefully more details to follow.