A few chips 55, 43, 42.5, and 60lbs


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All chips are from Full Throttle....

Extender 98 octane (alky), 60lb chip $55 shipped

Extender 93 octane, 42.5 Limetop injectors (Lightning) $55 shipped

Extender 110+ octane, 009 43lb chip $55 shipped

Commander 55lb Seimans (low imp) chip $45 shipped

Paypal is best, but a personal check will work also. :smile:

when you say stock does that mean stock heads, ported heads or just stock cam?

I have gooten a couple chips that have been set up for the 200-208 cam, that have been for my stock cammed motor.
The chip is for ported heads. And use with the stock OR small cam.

Clear as mud huh?;)