A few gauges stopped working, need advice


My Limited has a water temp and boost gauge up on the pillar and an oil pressure gauge stuffed under the radio pod (They were there when I bought it). Not long ago I noticed my oil pressure gauge's light wasn't working. I went to pull the thing out (It's just kind of stuffed in there) and something ground out, sparking like crazy. but hey, the light came back on :rolleyes:
Now my oil pressure and water temp gauges aren't working, even though they light up. Hanging underneath the dash I noticed that they are spliced together somehow (Hence them both not working, obviously). There is an inline fuse, but it's still fine. I have no idea what else to check. Is it possible to blow them up altogether?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mark
Does your oil pressure have a plastic or metal hose going to it or a sensor wire to read pressure?

If it's a mechanical gauge like most are a short in any wiring will not kill it.

I have lots of ideas but you are very limited with the information about what's working and what isn't and where the wires go in the fuse panel.

The lamp on the gauge could simply have needed a ground and sparked on the metal case when you made good contact with the lamp socket or bulb.

It sounds like the lamps are on with IGN power is that true? Or do they only come on with the lights?

It is possible to wire electric gauges like water temp. along with the lamps power which isn't the right way to do it but if a fuse blows or the wire breaks the lamps and the gauge will die if electrical.
Did you check the fuses in the fuse block? You may have blown one of them. It all depends on where the previous owner tied the power in for the gauges.