A few NOS rarities for sale (Dash Bezel + Hood Insu. Pads)... more to come

NOS Dash Bezel - GM 25517617 - $500 shipped OBO




I also have 2X NOS hood insulation pad's for an 86/87 (I wanted a back up for my backup). I prefer to sell them together, so $700 shipped if you purchase both. $400 each if sold individually. GM 25525977



My items are stored inside one of the spare bedrooms - not in a garage or warehouse. Thanks for looking.
Best offer you'll ever get on a NOS Dash Bezel - GM 25517617. $300 shipped. Offer only stands for about a week and I'm taking a hit, then I'll be shipping it back south with a bunch of other stuff that is cluttering my life. haha