a litte help


boost junky
just curious what would be causing my alignment to be thrown off I have it re done and days later its off again not by much but enough to aggrivate me and if there was something that needed replacing you would think the shop would let me know?any suggestions is much appreaciated thanks in advance.....
find another shop,
common is passenger rear upper control arm bushing goes bad due to down pipe heat followed by the driver rear upper from the manifold ,
the bushing gets really soft from the heat , they should have picked up on it but its difficult to see or replace without dropping the downpipe , too much for your average alaignment shop to do.
As others have suggested, check the control arm bushings, but they won't usually cause a constant pull. They'll cause brake pull and bump-steer, but not a constant pull.

Have you checked tire pressure? Possible tire pull?

Do you have an alignment printout showing you where everything is and where it should be? If so, are there variations in the different printouts you've gotten from the shop?

There is a local tire shop that advertises free two-wheel alignments with a tire purchase. Their big promotion is that they don't do any front end work, so there's no up-selling. You'd be amazed at the cars they've aligned. I had a Saturn that came in two days after one of their alignments with a broken lower ball joint. Some "alignment guys" wouldn't know a bad part if it fell apart on its way into the shop.