A little info about the new ball bearing turbos


Boost is good.
I've been getting a lot of calls recently about the new ball bearing T-series turbos we are currently selling. As of right now, I've only got these available in the smaller turbos such as the 44-61 BUT! these are for the T3 and DSM style exhaust housings. We haven't released them to the Buick community quite yet for the simple fact that we are in the process of making a water line kit for them. Yes we will be offering the 67-76 series as well in ball bearing and will revolutionize the way we run turbos on these cars! But these larger turbos are going to take a little bit of time. We probably won't have them available for a few more months pending Garrett gives us the components on a timely matter! So there's some info and hope that clears up any questions. Thanks and stay tuned! :)

thanks don for your timely response to emails & threads on this subject. keep up the good work.
Could you explain how these BB turbos are going to revolutionalize the way we run turbos on these cars? :confused:

If you mean Harry finally saw the light, I understand that would be revolutionary. ;)

One would think a trip to NAPA could get you a water line kit. :cool:

Did my own over 2 years ago with off the shelf stuff.

Any reason they would be better than a Turbonetics or Innovative unit that's been out there for many years?

Single or double BB's?