A lot of good parts new/used/chrome/perf.

Update on parts available!!!!!!


A lot of good parts new/used/chrome/perf.

Brand New Chrome & Polished parts.

Southeast alternator $250
RJC alternator fan $30 SOLD
Master cyl. Cover (not the cap) $24 PENDING
Heater water valve (2pc set) $25 PENDING
Windshield washer cap $13 PENDING
Fuel psi. regulator 90 deg. Stem $8
Fuel psi. regulator cover/cap $8
A/C drier cover $22 PENDING
EGR cover $22 PENDING
Power master accum. Bowl cover $13 PENDING
Power steering cap/cover $10 PENDING
Power steering reservoir bracket $33 PENDING
Water reservoir cap $13 PENDING
Heater blower cover/cap $22 PENDING
Custom fan sensor bracket cover $20 PENDING

RJC/Accufab 70mm Plenum $140
RJC alum. Racing crank pulley $140
RJC alum. Racing water pump pulley $80
RJC alum. Racing idler pulley $70 SOLD
RJC alum. Racing pwr steering pulley $70 SOLD
RJC alum. Racing alternator pulley & nut $43 SOLD
D.C. tech alum. Turbo shield (Buick Racing) $250
Billet t-stat housing w/seal $22 SOLD
Billet t-stat housing bracket/holder $10 SOLD
S.S. EGR vacuum valve cover $20
S.S. battery bracket $15 PENDING
S.S. stock MAF cover $22 PENDING
S.S. pass/side sensor bracket $15 SOLD

Billet driver side oil fill w/filter (not polished) $30 SOLD

New or like new parts.

T.H. 3” D.P. w/dump $600 (probably the last NEW one around) SOLD
Precision TA66 (just rebuilt by Limit Eng.) $750 SOLD
RJC stock valve cover spacers $90
Wastegate vacuum solenoid y-hose $25 SOLD
Casper knock sensor w/blk face (prt#102001) $80 SOLD
Casper engine ground kit $50
MAF sensor bracket (not oem style) $8 SOLD

Like new 3 bolt ATR S.S. Headers w/hardware $700
Like new Harland Sharp 1.60 roller rockers (w/shaft support, maybe 50 miles on them) $440
Like new 3” blk MAF alum. Pipe w/hoses (installed just to start and move the car) $60 SOLD
Like new big turbo inlet bell $45 SOLD

Used parts

87 GN Dash w/Plaque no cluster & trim (latch broken on glove box, easy fix [no shipping]) $220
Shifter assembly with chrome stalk (chrome is no good) $25
T TOP trim pieces around the t-tops on the inside of the car (minor crack on one piec [4 pcs.])$45 SOLD
Rock arms & shafts $65
Fuel rail $40
Lower intake $150
Upper intake $65
Throttle body $90
Valve covers (real nice bead blasted/not bead blasted) $100/$65
Stock pair of heads (8445 not shipped) $50 a set
Pro Stars 15x8 w/3.5BS with drilled holes $230
87 Black Grille (slight crack on bottom/back side, cant notice when installed). $185
87 Chrome Grille $110
Aftermarket Spoiler (?) 3 piece $130 SOLD
Rear Tail Light (cracked lens) $50
Heater box complete (minor crack, look at pics/not shipped) $100
Windshield wiper arms (black) $60 pair
Inner fenders $100 each or $175 for both (not shipped)
Front sway bar $20 (+ shipping)
Gear box: (quick ratio) $40 (+ shipping)

Pictures by Buicktime - Photobucket

Will trade close or equal value part for: Freshly rebuilt stock turbo, NOS roof rail weather stripping, new to very good shape front and rear bumper fillers.