A possible bbq, meet and greet on the westside of Houston?

Fall of 2016 Westside GNX/GN/TT gathering?

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I'm am just throwing this idea out and seeing if there is any interest. I live right across the street from George Bush Park (used to work there) and will/can make reservations if anyone is interested in a T-Type/GN/GNX get together? Shooting for July 2nd or 3rd since the 4th (my birthday) falls on a Monday.

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Got penciled in ( not formally though so no worries) for July 10th which is a Sunday, is that ok? Reserving a pavilion is free and only requires a security deposit as good faith. I worked at GBP in 2007 and know the pavilion and the staff/workers.

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EDIT: I just remember that the 4th of July weekend is normally a family and friends gathering so maybe waiting until Fall would be a better choice? The weather will be cooler and that is always a good thing.
Come up to "sante fe flats" get together on the 21st. And see how that gos.
I may try if I am not working. I attended a few C&C events over the years at 249 and Louetta so I know where this is at but I am not sure if I want to drive all that way, at night and past my bedtime.