A question that bothers me!


Lead foot and a slow car
Jul 1, 2001
Ok im puttin nitrous on my N/A 3.8 in my 85 Regal and im worried if my subs will set the tank off or anything? i have four 10's and im worried about blowin up! pleese tell me nothin will happen...im hittn around 138 DB. Im puttin a 4bbl on it...hi-per coil and plugs {got 9mm wires on now} true dual exhasut and headrs {no emisions} 214 cam and a 50 shot of juice....
ok..just as long as the tank dont go boom im happy..... and its not just the trunk lid that just about blows off, but the taillites, license plate, bumper filler and rear quarters rattle bad outside....but its clear inside!
nitrous oxide is a non-flamable gas, unkile in the fat and teh furious, that naws stuff must have propane in it he hehe, but nitorus is 2 prts nitrougen and one part oxygen, both of which are non-flamable, and the sticker on the tank says so, but i feel a deep down sympathy for your trunk lid and taillights, this speakers must make the girls happy too i mean they enjoy yor music :)
Grant J Farmer