? about 10" wheels


Jun 23, 2006
hey any you guys run 275/60/15 regular street radials on 10" wheels? if so what would be the best way to keep the tire from rubbing on the fender lip? I know my formula gp shocks that i had installed in 1990 or so are leaking some and probably wore out. if i replaced my shocks would this help or should i replace shocks and get air bags. i really do not want to roll fenders if all possible. it only rubs when going over dips or turning out of the driveway. BS on wheels are 5" but i use 1/4" spacer on both sides, barely clears frame on inside though. If someone rides with me it is worse, because the tire is closer to the outside on the pass side. any help with this?
thanks for the reply Pace. I will look into the air bags instead of the new shocks right now.
That's pretty cheap for bags, is there a write-up on what all is involved in putting on airbags somewhere?
theres instructions in the kit

basically jack up car at rear (block front wheels) then put jackstands under the frame infront of rear wheels and let axle hang

place the rubber biscut inside the spring at bottom
flatten the bag and put the cap on , it will stay flattened
now slide bag into the spring nipple end down (takes some manipulating but it goes in )
pull the cap off and with an end of the hose fed in from bottom hole in spring (and through rubber biscut ) attach the hose to the nipple on the bag
do same for other side

cut hose in half
run hoses along axle toward pumpkin leaving a small loop under each bag , secure lightly with zip ties to axle tubes (dont overtighten ties)
run hoses over fuel tank to rear bumper
take out two of the rear bumper bolts on the bottom edge (near center) and install the shrader valves assemblies

make sure exhaust pipes arent too close to springs , if they are move the pipes or install the supplied heat sheilds

an alternative to mounting the fill valves at the bumper bottom is to put them in the frame infront of each tire (then you have to be carefull when jacking up the car) , in the liscence plate area or even inside the trunk