AC Compressor Mounting Bolts?


Need some help figuring out what the AC compressor mounting bolts are? It is 86/87 setup. I think they are metric but not sure. Can someone give me the details, thread sizes and what length? Picture would be great if anyone has one.

Does anyone have a picture of how the AC mounts with all the brackets? I think I can figure out the bolt lengths if I know how it all goes together. I am doing a hybrid and the setup I bought was missing most of those parts.

these pics dont show much but its all i have


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this link was posted a few days ago

after looking at it the ac compressor mtg leaves some details out

on driverside theres a long bolt (at the 5:00 position) that goes through the rear 'L' bracket --through the accessory bracket --though the ac compressor and then treads into the y bracket lower hole (that rear l'L' bracket goes to the #1 lowewer header stud and gets a m8x1.25 nut

the passenger upper side gets a long stud threaded into the accessory bracket, the compressor slides on and then a nut goes on the end (M10x1.5 takes a 15mm wrench)

the lower passengerside gets another long bolt like the driverside but it only goes through the acc brkt fron the rear -- through the ac compressor --and then gets a m10x1.5 nut at the end
Let me ask a question in this thread. How the hell do you get that middle bolt out without taking the lines off?? It goes in from the back and the lines are in the way of getting it out. I bent the lines as far as they could go and I still could not get that bolt out! I don't even want it out I want to get the threads clear. I picked up a chrome bracket for it and I can't get that one bolt out or the threads clear to change out that bracket. I bent those AC lines as far a possible where I thought they would break off and still not enough room. Any ideas?
its easy jim
take off belt
take off tensioner pulley

take out the long bolts from the backside of the bracket at 5:00 position
take the nut off the stud at passenger upper
take the nut off the lower long bolt at passengerside (need to hold bolt at back of bracket
take the bolt out of the y bracket at the alternator ear

pull the ac compressor forward and take the lines off

never mind i thought you meant the rfreon line center bolt but looking at pic i think you mean the bolt beside the oil inlet /outlet into the Y bracket

think you need to yank the freon line first
no no it's the bolt in the middle of that bracket that the head is on the back under where the lines bolt on. Just the threads stick out on the front of the bracket. If you look in this pic...

Bolt 7 that holds the lines to the back of the compressor.. it's the bolt that is under that and goes from the back of the compressor to that Y bracket. You can get it loose but it seems like it won't come out without taking the lines off. I spend a ton of money getting my AC ice cold and I'm not about to pull those lines off to put a chrome bracket on and loose my charge. That AC needs to be ice cold while I'm driving my GN to Bowling Green and Ohio this year! :)
couldn't you just cut the hole in the plate into a slot and slide the chrome plate in and then retighten ?,
The line has to be removed to get to that bolt. I had to use an impact to get mine off it was in there so tight. The compressor can be removed from the aluminum bracket with that bracket bolted on though.
Damn you Eric always raining on my parade! :mad: :biggrin: The only possible way I'm thinking is to get my wizzer in there and try to cut the threads off that are showing in the front of the bracket. I think I can just about get it backed out far enough if it didn't have all those threads sticking out the front. There is no way I'm taking those lines off! My AC blows ice cubes in the summer! Thanks for posting.

Pauly go back to sleep I lost you somewhere a few threads back on this one! :)