Accel 36lb injectors & TT 5.6 36lb chip

Up for sale is a set (6) 36lb accel injectors and a matched turbo tweak version 5.6 chip for 86-87 turbo regals. they are roughly 1 year old and came out of my 87 T-limited. Nothing wrong with them at all I just went with a much larger turbo so I need much larger injectors. The part number is ACC-150636. stats are 36 lbs./ hr., 14.4 Ohms Impedance, 12 V Saturated Circuit Driver. I paid $319.99 on summit racing for the injectors and $85.00 for the chip. Chip stats are Version 5.6 36# matched Street Chip, 93 Octane, 20 degree / 18 Degree timing, 15-17 LBS of boost. Chip is also adjustable as far as timing and fuel (see for nots on the version 5.6 chips). There is a "1536" written at the top of the chip but I dont know what that means. All the pins and plastic peices are in perfect condition. Asking $200 for all. Call me at 520-904-2585 anytime or PM me any time. Name is Nate.


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