Polished 62mm TB/Plenum, 60 Injectors/Chip, ScanmasterG, FP Gauges, Silicon Couplers, MISC


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Nov 9, 2009
Detailed Pictures Below:
Polished 62mm Steve Monroe TB with matching ported upper, fresh, Steve Monroe just serviced it, Black/Blue silicon hose to 3" up pipe with T-bolt clamps, gaskets and RJC plate
$299 shipped

New larger Racetronix fuel filter with -8 fittings, Racetronix clamp and isolator, all new never installed.
$125 shipped

New Racretonix fuel filter clamp for large or smaller fuel filters, Racetronix provides extra isolator for smaller filters,

60lb injectors w/ Alky Chip
Set of flow matched 60's that came out of my car 12/19/19- WD40 for preservation and capped. Originally purchased new from Turbotweak, clean fuel system, 5.7 alky chip
$299 shipped

Brand New Scanmaster G
Glossy face and never installed
$245 Shipped

New Billet Polished Horn Ring, did a run of these years back, last one left.

Fuel Pressure Gauges, $25 each
Straight Racetronix stock rail to gauge adaptor $5
Racetronix LED light, free to whom buys some of this stuff..

New Black and Blue Silicon couplers:
2 - 3.5-4″ silicon transition hose, 4" tall $25.00 each
2 - 3.5-4″ silicon transition hose, 3" tall $25.00 each
1 - 2-3″ silicon transition hose, 4" tall $24.00
1 - 4″ silicon straight hose, 3" tall $10.00
1 - 3.5″ silicon straight hose, 3" tall $10.00
1 - 3″ silicon straight hose, 4" tall $9.00

New Black and Orange Silicon couplers:
1 - 3-3.5″ silicon transition hose, 3" tall $30.00
2 - 3.5″ silicon straight hose, 3" tall $15.00 each
1 - 3" silicon straight hose, 4" tall $10

If it doesn't say shipped it's cost is $15, PayPal friends and family or plus 4%, for the guys within Canada all prices are USD.
Hey I'll take the Racetronix & Autometer fuel gauges the adapter for rail & LED if available & if both mechanical
SOLD - AutoMeter Fuel Pressure Gauge, Racetronix Fuel Pressure Gauge, Racetronix straight rail adaptor and LED - SOLD
Who polished your throttle body
TB was smoothed while it was completely torn down... I smoothed out some of the flat casting before it was sent to polishing. It was done years back by a guy locally whom built custom HD's... no longer have his contact/
that power plate looks to have an EGR hole in it ..is that correct ..we were talking about that the other day .. never seen one like that