Accel SFI problems


Jan 8, 2004
I currently have an Accel SFI Gen 6 ECU in my GN. The car has just been rebuilt and has been fully programmed by a friend of mine with Calmap 6.32. When we connected to the ECU with his laptop we had no problems at all with connections to the ECU. I will also add that his laptop is extremely old like from the windows 3.1 erra. The problem is that when I try to connect to the ECU with my lap top it says ngotiating with ECU for a few seconds then the screen comes up and says "Echo Mismatch". I checked out the troubleshooting with calmap 6.32 and all I came up with was that this means there is an unexpected data type from the ECU to the PC, but that still leaves me unknown as to what causes this problem. I am running what ever version of MS-DOS that comes with Windows ME. If anyone has any ideas I appreciate it.

You will never get the 6.32 to work with any laptop that uses windows ME. You will need an old dos or 3.1 laptop to get it to work. I have seen some guys pull it off but very few.