Acceptable impeller movement...

Nov 10, 2010
Hi guys, I've searched but can't find an answer to my question, I've just started playing with a basically stock G/N, noticed some annoying smoke from time to time, at idle sometimes, and just as you ease back into the throttle at other times.. Intake side of the impeller has at least .025 of side to side play..
Got a few boxes from Cottons today just to get my feet wet, with plans for heads, intake, turbo etc in the next couple of months.. Is it gonna hurt it to drive it like this until I do the swap?

If it is not hitting the compressor housing at all, then it is okay. make sure you remove the factory joke of a hose attached to the inlet bell and passenger side breather and plug the inlet bell tube. it sucks oil into the turbo and into the motor making a mess of the intercooler, intake up pipe, TB, and plenum.
Thanks, I will check it out tomorrow, I think the hose from the valvecover has been plugged...