Accord ricer flyby


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May 29, 2001
I was on the freeway today when a guy in an old Honda Accord with a giant fart can starts revving at me. I was bored so I dropped the hammer and pulled on the guy really bad. I let off and the next thing I know, he's right on my ass again!! He rolls out and I lay the smack down again on him. Hell, I only gave it about 3/4 throttle and only hit about 14 psi but still walked away. Traffic was getting too heavy and it was going to get too dangerous weaving in and out of lanes, so I pull over to the #3 lane and decide to let this poor bastard go on his way. Well he buzzes by and then throws on his hazzard lights!!!!! As if he won or something??? WTF!!! :confused: :confused: I'm sure he's probably on all the ricer message boards telling his buddies how he beat down a GN!! Oh well, ignorance is bliss I suppose........ :D

'87 GN
Maybe that was so he could go faster. Haven't you heard that's the latest thing, if you turn on your hazards, it will trick the engine into going faster. :D
He prolly threw his hazards cause he broke something and had to call a tow truck. LOL. Dumn ricers. They just don't get it sometimes.

Good kill!