Adapter harnesses for GM radio's

Drew L

Gerry Attrick
Where are these available. I want a DIN and a half GM w/cd player that will bolt in. I see that up untill certain years they plug straight in then other years harnesses are needed. Is there a list or a chart available for the different radios/model years that we can use? Thanks for the help. Drew:)
GM harness

I picked one up from I think the total was around $28. The part is cheap, but they shaft you on shipping/handling.


I can't remember, I'll try to find the box and look. The radio came out of my 97 Suburban. You could post over in tech area and find the part # also, that's how I got it..................
Guys you can make your own with parts from Best Buy. What you need is the reverse harness that plugs into the factory plugs for our cars and the 21 pin harness by Metra that will plug into the back of the "new style" radios.

Solder the connections together and you have what you need.


Is it wire for wire and color for color? How do you know which ones to connect to one another? Thank you Drew
metra harness

yea and the harness i think is like $9.99 in radio shack too
works perfect :)

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