Nearly half of Buick dealerships sold back to GM - refusing the GM electric vehicle mandate

Anthony P

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Jan 24, 2007
As 2023 comes to an end, it is interesting to read nearly half of the 2,000 privately-owned Buick dealerships have accepted the voluntary GM buyout rather than be forced to invest in electric vehicle updates to their locations for sales/serivce as GM is forcing the Buick brand to be 100% electric by 2030.

As the forced implementation and switchover to EV's continues to backfire, seems like the Buick brand will be no more in a few years.

I had read in Ford's 3rd quarter report that the company lost $36,000 on every electric vehicle sold. Later it was reported layoffs for the electric F-150 program since hardly anyone is buying them and realization of real-world, short duration operation per charge. production of the electric F-150 will be cut by 50% for 2024.

EV's are a solution for China, as China has no fossil fuels in the earth below its country's boarder. Meanwhile, the USA has oil and natural gas deposits larger than Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

A BUick is nothing more than a Chevy with a more costly interior...
Won't be missed by the genl pop.
I wonder if all these government imposed regulations and mandates are made to make the auto industry (as well as others) fail.......
My $.02...
That's exactly what's going on.
It's the lefts way to force a shift to their green agenda BS.
Consolidation of ownership provides a better-defined target.
NOTHING these dirtbags do is by accident.
The resident moron can't wipe his own ass. But he has a cadre of hidden manipulators doing his thinking.
Problem, reaction, solution. THEY cause the problem, THEY predict the reaction finally THEY provide a solution. All while dollars are extracted plus power is transferred (like the purpose of USA's wars).

The green laws will be sold and forced as much as possible to extract AS much money/power AS possible. Until People and Companies have had enough and will push back. They THEY will provide the NEW solution to bypass the green solution.....The same OG problem, the same prediction of reactions, and a NEW solution provided is how the game works. At the top its all a $1 bet anyways.

EFUEL invest now if you can. Rumor has it that Elon will be getting the in game soon but we will see. Also seen 2 car vloggers take high end cars on the track and street using Efuel. I wonder what the dyno sheets will show.

Merry Christmas
"At its peak, HIF Global expects to produce around 200 million gallons of e-fuel per year, allowing for the decarbonization of over 400,000 vehicles. To achieve these goals, the company says it will need 2 million tons of recycled carbon dioxide as well as approximately 300,000 tons of green hydrogen separated from water using renewable electricity. Once constructed, the Texas facility will allegedly be the largest e-fuel plant and producer in the world".
Take note of the part I underlined.
Right back to a fuel we have insufficient amounts of.
So is CO2 poison?
What is the current percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere?
What is the correct amount of CO2? And who should decide?