Adjustable Pushrods


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Oct 6, 2003
Any of you guys using the chrome-moly adjustable pushrods???

I bought mine from Poston's a few months back and adjusted each one to 1 full turn past zero lash.. I started the fresh engine and the valvetrain was somewhat noisy, now I'm running the Reed 210-205 cam, so I continued to break in the cam then shut it off..

So I rechecked every pushrod on the motor..( Intake on what a pain in the a@@):mad: Still had the same noise after I readjusted each one of them.. So I go to start it up and test drive it and I hear a loud TICK, TICK, TICK... Now what... Pulled the valve cover and here the top of the one pushrod broke right off!!!!:eek:

Luckily it didn't fall down into the intake valley.. So I took one pushrod and measured it a one full turn out and ordered a new set of custom length rods..

This still didn't cure my valvetrain noise.. I guess this cam is gonna sound like that.. I've got 7,000 miles on it and no problems yet..

I will never waste $120.00 for adjustable pushrods again..

I talked to someone at the GSCA and they said they run adj. pushrods all the time with no problems????
Adjustable pushrods are JUNK. Sorry you had to find out the hard way. As far as the noisy valve train, at this point it is hard to say. Just keep a eye on it.
I have adjustable push rods in my 10sec car for over 10years now with no problems.
Have adjustable pushrods in my car also...about 2 years problems whatsoever...just pulled the valve covers last month and checked them...they all looked fine...wouldn't recommend them for a daily driver mine from T/A Performance...
You didn't mention what kind of lifters you're running. It's likely that the noise is coming from there, rather than the pushrods slapping around.

What's the lifter manufacturer's recommended preload? It's usually in the .050" range, but I'd double-check. Set the preload according to THAT spec, as opposed to a Chevy-style 1/x turns past zero-lash.

Hope that helps, good luck...
I'm running a set of Comp. Cams lifters and the preload was set at .030 after zero-lash.

I had to pull the intake to fix a oil leak and I decided to take a look at some lifters and cam lobes.. I didn't find anything wrong with any of them.