advice on tuning

I read your signature those speedpro hyper pistons are part of the problem the pin height or compression height on those lowers the compression down a lot. I have about the same combo with cast speedpro pistons same pin height as hypers, with a 44 turbo and rarely seen 89 mph I was up in the 30+ psi range. I started to play with timing watched for knock and worked timing up to 27-28 range and picked up 2 mph and about 3 tenths 7.40s to 50s all the time 27psi boost . The timing will get you there.
track update
Lowered boost to 25#s
installed 10" 3200 converter
At track powerlogger wont record a full log, stops log as soon as I leave the line,
First pass no timing added 7.60 with a 1.67 60ft
Second pass same as first trying to get logger to work, Ended up using recall on the scan master g
Third pass add 1 degree of timing in 1st and 2nd, 7.48 and a 60 foot of 1.60
forth pass added 1 more degree in first and went 7.46 with a 1.6 60ft
Fifth pass added a total of 3 degrees in 1st and 1 degree in second and blew the axle shaft. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later seeing it has a 7.5 diff in it for some reason.
So I will be getting a 9" to put in it.
Thank you all that responded it helped a lot.
my powerlogger had the same issues. wound up using a trigger to get it to log.
I am not sure what you mean. I did try both ways of triggering it. Tps and manually with the space bar. Both ways had the same results . It works fine on the street but not at the track. I think maybe it might be a bad connection at the ecm, I was thinking the g force at launch with traction causes it to lose connection for a split second and stops the log.