Advise On Stage II Block Please Help!


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May 29, 2001
I have an opportunity to buy a stage II off center block 4.1 bored 60 over and a sleeve in one cylinder for 800.00 all machined and ready to go. Any problems liked head gaskets, are the bores too big . What do you guys think? T.I.A:confused:
If you don't plan to make insane horsepower, I don't see any reason you couldnt use it. The only thing that worries me is the sleeve but if it was installed by a compitent machine shop then it would probably be fine.
I would not think twice about running a sleeve. Proper installation is pressed and a shelf in the block at the bottom. Sprint car teams are sleeving all 8 to get a more consistent cylinder. What does that tell you.
.060 over?


You said this block is .060" over correct? Now is this 4.060"? Here's why I ask, the standard bore for a 4.1 liter block is 3.965" so if it's 4.060" then it's really .095" over. Even at 4.060" you should be fine. The sleeve isn't a big problem either unless they broke a hole in the wall of the cylinder and hit the water. You might want to have a sonic check done on the block to determine the wall thickness and any core shift.

Good Luck

BTW, the price sounds pretty fair.
I ran a 4.070 bore with two sleeves and never had a problem. 4.060 head gaskets are avaliable at a some GM dealers. They are in the GM performance catalog. Good luck. Tim