AEM Stand Alone to control Trans?


May 25, 2001
There is a company called Advanced Engine Management. They make mostly rice burner stuff, but they have a pretty good computer guy that designed a computer that is comparable to the Speed Pro, but cheaper. They claim to be able to control electronic transmissions. The 93.5-98 Toyota Supra auto trans is completely elec. controlled, similiar to the 4L80-E, I guess. I am seriously considering this computer due to its ability to be able to control lock up.
Anyone else know any info on this computer and it's ability to control the trans L/U.
If it works like they say, I might just put a 4L80-E in the 56. ERIC.
The AEM management systems, in my opinion are the next step up in controls. I discussed their system, engine management specifically, in detail with their engineer at PRI this past Dec.. VERY NICE! I am going to do a system on a Subaru WRX in the next couple of months. I would think the tranny controllers would be just as nice an user friendly as well. The import tuner mags have done some articles on their stuff and were prety blown away with it. I think they really have their act together.
I would not hesitate to give it a try but as always order from a supplier that will support after the sale.
Hope that helps