Aftermarket header panel, manual drivers seat tracks, f41 bars, and bumper strips. Abq, nm


11 Second V6
May 25, 2001
Won't ship the header panel, it was on the car when I bought it, top needs blocking (real wavy), headlight bezel dont fit flush on the sides because of prior fiberglass repair. Would be fine for a race car, or good for a daily driver with a good body man. Grille mounting holes aren't good.

Manual drivers side seat tracks, excellent shape, need to get pictures. $85 plus shipping

Like new bumper strips, rear is perfect, 9.9 of 10, front is 9.3 of 10 because of a small deformation.
$100 a piece plus shipping

F41 bars/braces, go from crossmember to frame, comes with hardware. Because of the LS swap, my regal doesnt have the front part of the crossmember so I can't use. These are new in the poll plastic.
$50 shipped

PM me with email address for pictures of the header panel, braces or bumper strips. Will get pictures of the seat tracks soon
Some pictures attached. The F41 braces are in the plastic they were shipped in, auto correct messed up in previous post.

*Grille, headlights, bezels and headlight mounting hardware isn't included with header panel


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