aftermarket hot air intake


Feb 26, 2002
Does someone make an aftermarket or modded intake for my 85?? I see some chat about V2 and turbomotion, but haven't been able to find there site. doesn't seem to work. I just wondered if there was something out there that offerd power gains and allowed you to keep you turbo in the stock location.

Last I heard, Jay wasn't feeling too good, maybe was even in the hospital or something...Hope he's doing better...

Try this number...found it in the archives...

"I am always available to talk 10 hrs a day at the shop. 941.228.3136
Jason has been real sick lately, but if he is feeling better and at the shop, give him a call , his intake is the only way to go. You would want a v-3 unless you are going intercooled.
Does anyone have a pic of the V3 intake or what website i can go to see one?

Thanks for the input fellows...much appreciated