Air Conditioning Delete ?


Nov 26, 2007
I'm planning to remove my air conditioning unit this winter along with a few other upgrades.

Has anyone used the Champion Racing Aluminum Combination Alternator and Power Steering Pump Bracket ?

If so, could you post some pics ? I'd like to see what it looks like with the alternator relocated.

Also, any tips on this project would be appreciated...

Thanks in advance...John
Heres a website I saved that has good photos. These are NOT my photos, pretty sure it's a board member's.

Also the bracket will work with the stock fuel lines if you notch the lower spacer which sits next to the fuel line. I bought my bracket used and the previous owner already had the spacer notched. And you may have to tweak the lines a little, just be careful doing so.
Thanks for the links Will and Rodney, good to have some info before I get started.

The pictures of the Champion Brackets installed are very helpful. I'm going to order one, it looks to open things up once the alternator is relocated.

Also, I have a aftermarket fuel system with braided lines, so I shouldn't have any fuel line clearance issues...