Air dam not right. Anyone else have this?


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I was looking at an all original GN the other day and noticed there was a little spring loaded clip (much like a clip on nut you see that attaches our body panels) on the outboard side of the air dam helping hold it up in the middle. I thought to myself "Ahhh, that's what those cut outs are for in our air dams!" So I go home to see if I can fit a set on. Well upon looking in there and feeling around, I noticed that there isn't enough overlap and abandoned the idea. Well this week I was redoing some front end stuff and finally noticed why there wasn't enough overlap between the air dam and the body panel. The air dam's front side is too short, not allowing the outboard side of the air dam to properly align with enough of the body panel. Does anyone else's air dam do this? I have the repro's on from Gbodyparts. The passenger side's fine. Anyone?