air fuel gauge...


turbo swimmer
Mar 2, 2003
i was at autozone today and they had air fuel mixture gauges for $15 i think. i know its no replacement for a scanmaster or turbolink but how well do they work? i just want to see how far off i am on my mixture, and this should be a cheap way to do that. its one of the little el cheapo ones with the led's. looks like the more expensive autometer ones i've seen, but i'm sure the quality isnt' there, or is it?

and where would be a good place to put it? i have 3 gauges on my a pillar, and a colum shift so i can't put down in the change holder thing. any sugestions?

or i might just go buy one, set it on the seat, dial the car in and return it...:D
Anything that reads off the stock O2 is pointless. The metered bandwidth is way too tiny so see your "real" mixture. If you want to tune with air/fuel numbers get a TechEdge or FJO WIDEBAND O2.