Alcohol Fuel Lube


Daily Driver
May 25, 2001
Does the ProLine alcohol fuel lube work with the SMC kit to mix with denatured alky. better than say Marvel or WD-40?

What exactly is in Alcohol Race Fuel anyway? And why do they use lubricants?

It is methanol. It is very dry and very they add a lubricant. Lubricants are added to gasoline as well. When we add xylene, or such, we had some oil to make up for the increased dryness of the gas.

Was at the speed shop today, had them look up the price they don't stock it. Was $23 for 16oz.

I was thinking a capful or 1/2oz. per tank of denatured might mix better than marvel or WD-40. That stuff seems to mostly float around in there.

Can't hurt to try it I guess. :)

I bought Klotz Lube at a motorcycle shop. 1 quart--$9. This what all the local bracket racers, that run alky, use. 1 quart will lube 55 gal barrel of methanol. It has Castrol in it. You can go to the drug store and get Castrol, this will also work. If it does not mix (as you say float) ---No good.