Alcohol systems


Jun 22, 2003
A lot of people had suggested I go with Alky to eliminate knock under boost levels over stock. What is a good kit to use? Where does the injector or spray nozzle go? If it is in the upper intake pipe or throttle body area, will an RJC power plate deflect or alter the spray pattern into the intake & cause any problems?
good question about the power plate thing, i m curious about that to, RJC racing has a good system (kinda high though)
no you sholdnt have a problem with the alcohol and the RJC plate the deal is that you should have some sort of fuel lubricant mixed with the alcohol (Uplon by Klotz is good) this will allow the alcohol to atomize better with the air flow so it should almost be like one constant fluid/liquid/gas whatever you want to call it oh and the jet goes in your up pipe (pipe from the intercooler to the throttle body) SMC makes a great kit type in "SMC alcohol" on google and you should be able to find it and steve is great about technical help and everything else
The lube is only needed based on pump style being used. If you use an EFI type pump with steel rollers, then lube is necessary. If you use a diaphram pump like mine, then no lube is needed. Also look for methanol/water compatability. As you dont want in some applications to only be limited to either only.

Plenty of information in the alky section of this board, type alcohol injection in google... you'll find me too :)

No problem with the RJC plate. Its an air distribution plate. If you saturate the air going into the motor with alcohol, all it will do is redirect the saturated air.

Its not a nozzle squirting into the motor, your misting the fluid so the air gets saturated. This saturated air is what performs the majic.

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BTW.. thanks Russell ;)