Replace the Walbro Fuel Pump?


I’m pretty good with preventative maintenance (I actually just replaced the Alky pump again with Razor’s new one), but I’ve been very hesitant to “fix what ain’t broke” with my old Walbro 255 that’s been working absolutely perfect. Tank only sees 93 octane at or above half full. Car gets run and driven several times in the stored winter months.

Pump is about 12 years old though. I put about 1500 miles on it per year and it sees track duty 0-3 times per year. Narrow and Wideband numbers are still all good.

Replace it?
Upgrade it?
Don’t eff with it?

If replace, with what another Walbro 255 or go with the Racetronix 255 and new sending unit? I talked to Bison about the Racetronix pumps and he was not sold on them yet because they weren’t proven over time in his opinion, but that was 4 years ago.

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- 87 GN, 109 block with all forged internals (thanks Rick), Champion ported irons, 212-212 Roller with roller rockers, 60lb injectors, Razor's Alky, Bison's 62/62 Turbo, David Husek's 2800 stall TC, LS1 MAF, Hotwired Walbro, TT Alky chip, RJC 3in DP, Turbonetics boost controller, Pypes 2.5 dual exhaust, RJC plate, AEM Wideband, Powerlogger, Knock gauge, Knock alarm, 275/60-15 M/T ET Street SS, RJC FMIC, GN1 Alum Radiator with Spal fans. 11.54@121 with 25 lbs on pump gas and Alky.
I'm a maintenance guy, too. I also have a Walbro 255 in my car about the same age. I'm planning to leave mine in there. I'd think that pump is fine and no need to go bigger unless you are doing more mods or changing fuel type. It's tried and true. As long as fuel pressure and airfuel ratio is good I'd run it.

Thanks, Craig
The new in 2021gennie Walbro pump in my 55 just STB, with probably less than 1000 mi on it.
No led 93 and Stabil.
I’m running the stocker! Don’t drive hard or often but it’s on my first to do list. Just need the time.