alky chip

You would be better off getting a chip burned for the octane you are running. Most of the chip are programmable so you can tweak them for fuel and timing.
Long answer to say you need a new chip.
You are better of using a street chip than a race chip. A race chip is designed to really open the injectors. On street chips the duty cycle is lower.. meaning if you run alcohol.. since it is a fuel, it makes up for the difference at higher boost.

Example, your 25 PSI race chip opens injectors to 90% duty cycle. Your 16 PSI street chip opens injectors 70%. You run the motor at 25 PSI with your street chip.. it opens the injectors 70% and the other 20% comes from the alky system...

See if you open the injectors to 90% then throw alcohol on top of it.. will flood the motor.. unless your wanting to run 32 PSI on your 25 PSI race chip :D