Alky Control LED/pump issue and repair.


Caustic Cacophony
This post is to make aware of a potential problem that might appear in some kits and what I did to prevent it.

For the last few years my turn on LED would flicker red and make the smallest flashes over bumps or drops while off boost. This wasn't an issue at first as the system would still hit and make good pressure and turn the LED green quickly.
Using the search feature here above for topics of the same issue. Julio (Razor) says to check every chassis ground that the kit uses: pump switch ground/pump plate and the PAC controller. I checked all of them and even added a redundant chassis ground to both the pump plate and switch on pump head. All has been well with the system until latest testing of the waste gate problem. The flickering turn on LED has made a comeback along with not turning to green.
This time I checked all fluid connections for leaks and found none, all grounds still secure. I added a redundant signal wire to the PAC controller from the MAP sensor with no changes.
I then unplugged/replugged the in line connection between the PAC controller and the test/gain knob unit and held them together in my palm while making a hit.
Doing that made the turn on LED go from red to green quickly again so...
That is where a loose conection problem was, I cleaned all the contacts carefully and gave them a bit more tension on the bend. Adding a zip tie around the two plugs to prevent from backing out of the in line connector has stopped the red flickerings when off boost and made the turn on LED go from red to green again.