Alky needs a little help!


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Dec 24, 2012
Hello i posted this in my region and was told to post it here. I bought a 1987 T over the weekend and i havnt owned a turbo car in 15 years the car runs great...It has an alky system installed not working correctly previous owner said he bought it from a guy named Julio(on the other thread someone said his name is Razor) The pump runs when the all weather connector is attached but cannot turn it off from contol unit in car.. previous owner said there is also a wire missing from map to tps ..... after i bought the car of course! i live in Pa.. lehigh valley area i have a garage, heat, cold beer, anyone want to come over and help i have no directions!..Aris 610-837-8309
If your in PA you need to become a member of MAGNA on the other board turbobuicks dot com. go down to the bottom, the MAGNA section and post there. There are alot of PA guys that would help you out. Im closer to Atlantic City so a little far for me. BTW Julio knows his shit and will definitely help you out over the phone. Hes done it a million times. MAGNA is a great group of guys and we meet once a month.