Alky Pump Replacement - Do/Dont's???


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Problem solved. After I wrote my original post I left the garage for a couple hours with the hose hanging down and inserted into a gallon jug. When I went back to the garage, all the alky had siphoned into the jug and the tank was empty. I installed the new pump, filled the tank, primed the pump, and now all is well. I guess that is another way of draining the tank.


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I've found cracks in the brass fittings by using Julio's pressure tester. Hard to find a leak under the hood when you are pressing the test button inside the car. If you have a helper then disregard what I just typed.


I've been wanting to repost vids that were lost, however they are apple Iphone videos (.mov) and apparently not an "allowed extension"? If anyone can help with that please PM me. Anyway, planning on them following this. I was pretty shocked when I ran Razors test kit on my pump back in 2015 when I originally posted them. On the first test, the max pump pressure is around 100 psi. Then I had someone turn pump on while I looked for the reason there was ALKY puddling on my cardboard under the car. Once the pump head was tightened, no leaks, pressure was up to 150 psi. Had pump rebuilt by Julio a couple months later. I had no idea the pump was leaking for obvious reasons.
The really shocking part is when I ran the same test on 2 friends cars that live nearby, the exact same situation, spraying all over. But both of their pumps maxed at under 120 once the head screws were tightened, so we replaced them both.
Julios kit is a must have. Share the cost with friends if you have to but we should all have access to one.
I hope I can get the vids back up here.
Thanks to all for making this site so awesome.
Kit is also awesome for pumping out the tank.