All Buick show in CT SUNDAY AUGUST 12th - Wallingford Buick

TaTa's is great!!!

Try the meat and cheese Empanadas, all home made and great. About $2 each.

Also the short rib dinner (Costillas de Res) is worth every penny, as are the mofongos. :cool:

Here's a link to the menu for Miguel, about 2 miles from the show.

Unfortunately they are closed on Sunday.

The chef gives cooking lessons to for us Yankee Northerners. :p

Nice job on the eye candy too! ;)

That's the other Allan's Stage II car that probably should have won E class.

i am a super picky eater due to me not liking certain foods or spices and them not liking me back. i just get the pork its not as good as miguels but what can you do? i thought the were open on sunday???? i know for a fact they are not open on mondays because i made that mistake a few times . i was there last week strictly for the pork. the have won some contests that the newspaper ran for wings or something thats how i found them. very nice people there !!! did i mention that i like the pork there? lol :)
We went there last night, starving, I thought they were open on mondays LOL. :rolleyes:

Ended up at Abates in New Haven, great Italian food and didn't need a reservation although it started getting more crowded at 6:30.
Closed on Sunday and Monday. :(

Don't forget the Empanadas they may not be on the main menu but make a great appetizer or lunch. :cool:

Bring the family too it's worth it.

Don't forget a Negra Modelo or three to wash it all down. :D
Thanks salvage v6 for the close up on the 70 GS 455 nice car there is a guy down this was owns a very nice black on black 70 GS 455, beautiful RED 70 Stage 1 with after market moonroof, was wondering if either those cars were there, know of a couple of people with GSX in the area so was wondering if any of them made it. thought about going but dont own a buick.

Thanks for sharing
I didn't see either of those two cars, but there were other GS's there.

I had a '69 GS hardtop so I really liked the Red '69 Convertible that was there, itbrought back a lot of memories.