All kinds of TTA parts *look*


I have a bunch of stock and non stock parts for my TTA for sale.

1. Champion P&P heads "low miles"
2. Jim dunn intercooler "one of a kind not a stretched stock one"
3. Harlen sharp 1.6 roller rockers
4. CPT 66bb spool fast off my 3000 ptc nl 600 miles
5. Jim dunn 3"dp very nice
6. Headers and cross over "will fit a girdle motor"
7. Stock DP
8. All A.C. equipment
9. 3" intake pipe
10. Stock ecm
11. Valve covers
You name it i might have it. Pm me your offer and if you need something you dont see let me know. I have lots of things from under the hood.

I am interested in the heads & roller rockers for the TTA send by PM on price & condition of parts. Do you have lower or upper intakes or any high perf. parts.? If Your close to Pit. I could have them picked up if all goes well.
Thanks Ed
Here is my pm that I sent you last week!!!

Originally Posted by jarredsoon
I can paypal you funds for the headers and crossover pipe as soon as I get your paypal address.



Your response was.....

I am packing up the headers and crossover right now so if your still interested let me know.

Jonathan Long
TTA# 750

You did not tell me how to pay you, you just asked if I was still interested, I have sent you several pms telling you I want the headers and that I will pay now!!!
Then last wednesday I get this very strange pm:


Hi Jerredsoon,

I will buy the headers. I will give you $600.00 if that is acceptable to you. I am also interested in the heads.
My email is
phone: 832-341-3145
Please contact me.

'Original owner of TTA #1231'

THis Frank guy thought I was selling the headers and pm'd me by accident, and later claimed he had been drinking too much and that is why he pm'd me. I think he meant to pm you and offer more money for the headers than we had already agreed upon. I never hear from you again???

Are you going to sell me the headers like you told me on Nov 8th:

Re: Headers


Hey the headers are yours. I am sorry that i didnt reply sooner but i have been really busy right now with work. But should be able to get them shipped out this week some time. Thanks for your time
TTA# 750

Please update me to the status of my purchase, for all I know you sold them to someone else for more money after you agreed to a price with me???

Please respond!!

1989 Turbo Trans Am
THis Frank guy thought I was selling the headers and pm'd me by accident and later claimed he had been drinking too much and that is why he pm'd me.

Frank drinking too much.........................never............;)

Jon your pm said "You would only take pay pal if I pay the fees", but you still did not give me your paypal address or mail address so HOW CAN I PAY YOU??
A one sentance pm telling me I have to pay the fees does not help the situation much.
I need one or the other, pay pal address to send money via paypal
or mail address to send a cheque.


All came off a tta

1. Champion P&P heads "low miles" Set up for roller---------1100 obo
3. Harlen sharp 1.6 roller rockers----------------------------350 obo
4. CPT 66bb spool fast-------------------------------------950 obo
6. Headers and cross over----------------------------------650 obo
7. Stock DP------------------------------------------------550 obo
8. All A.C. equipment---------------------------------------200 obo
9. 3" intake pipe w/KN filter----------------------------------90 obo
10. Stock ecm----------------------------------------------80 obo
11. Valve covers-------------------------------------------Pending
12. LC1 -XD 16 wb-----------------------------------------250 obo
13. Drive shaft---------------------------------------------150 obo
14. Stock pushrods-----------------------------------------50 obo
15. stock cam and lifters-----------------------------------50 obo
16. stock flex plate-----------------------------------------50 obo
17. RJC power plate----------------------------------------45 obo
18. chrome turbo shield------------------------------------100 obo
19. stock MAF "one screen"---------------------------------60 obo
20. TTA piston and rods-----------------------------------150 obo
21. cruise crontrol-----------------------------------------50 obo
22. 42lb inj. with tt chip-----------------------------------100 obo
23. 2 tt chip burn for 80lb inj "Alky/Race"-------------------60 obo
24. stock torque arm---------------------------------------80 obo
25. stock cranks needs work-------------------------------100 obo

Want everything out of the basement still have more.